Friday, 21 February 2014

Bangalore 22nd February 2014

Hi everyone,

My choices for the day:

1st  Race:

Simpleton Win

If honestly tried should win. Trainer seems to be pre occupied with other things and has lost interest in racing.

Living Legend and Bold Nature should fight for 2nd spot.

2nd Race:

Anmol Hira is the only winner in this race this season and in this bunch. Drawn wide. Has good initial speed. Big Copper Penny is the only danger as it lost by a neck to Anmol Hira in race no.60. Handicap favours Big Copper Penny today. Bel Espirit might take of or might take off or might not with TS on. On that best avoided eventhough it is bred the best.

Anmol Hira Win

3rd Race:

An open race. Better to choose a bet at race time.

4th Race:

Nayan Star and Indiacation are my shorlisted two. If Indication is not tried then Bolt's Colt's comes into the picture.

Nayan Star Win.

5th Race:

Lad's Ability has a very good chance at this handicap and strong rider. Again the horse has to be tried by the trainer. Sweet Secret has a good chance to place.

Lad's Ability Win.

6th Race:

Smart Connections has a good chance to upset the fancied runners. Worth an each way bet.

7th Race:

Virat has everything going to win this race. Nothing should stop it.  r. Look's a day's best.

8th Race:

With whips not allowed that makes Tiger Eyes a bet to play purely for the experienced jockey. If backed will win.

Good Luck


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mysore February 19th 2014

Hi all,

My analysis for the day:

1st Race:

Winner should emerge from:

La Piperi/Lake Of Magic/Duty Free.

From the above Lake Of Magic is seen with a shoe change. Might require more ground to deliver. If backed at race time can oblige. Else might not even place. Duty Free was backed quietly last time by the connections. This time if the connections feel the bucnh today is tough then will not be sighted. La Piperi is a youngster. Runs positive. If available at longer odds worth an each way bet.

Only a place prospect:

Queen's Cruise/Magnifique.

Even though the above two horses are winners age might go against them. Queen's Cruise has been very unlucky till date at the same time has proved to earn it's cornbill by always finishning in place money. An allowance jockey could have helped it's cause. Not discounting it's chances for win but if below 5 to 1 for win and below even for place what use. Magnifique is from a trainer who has no idea on equipment changes. On that count what use of putting money on the horse. Today it has everything going from handicap, jockey etc.,

Choice: La Piperi each Way if more than 10 to 1.

2nd Race:  Skip

3rd Race:

Winner should emerge from:

Spinning Chakram/Catwalk Queen/Young Gallant/Rocket Ronnie

Last run of Spinning Chakram surely deserves appreciation. Perfect case of a trainer making sure his horse does not place also. On that count good luck. Catwalk Queen placed at huge odds last time. Will be fancied today. Cannot ignore as it runs with a shoe change. Young Gallant again has my same comment when I mean trainer has no idea of equipment changes. However one can only pray it does well. Rocket Ronnie runs with blinkers which might help.  Should have won two races bu now instead of struglling for a win.

Only a place prospect: Amiable Lady/Smart Mistral.

Above two can place only if some betting is seen at race time.

Choice: Young Gallant Each Ways. Catwalk Queen Win covered with Shp.

4th Race:

Winner should emerge from:

Breezo/Take Off/Truthandfaith.

Breezo if tried has no company. Has a jockey who loves to ride horses at these weights. Should win if sincerely tried. Take Off has an enquiry opened after it's last run. Nothing surpsingly as trainer is either allergic to favourites and loves to please himself at longer odds. Yet to Take Off after landing safely at Mysore. Truthandfaith has weights in favour. Intent of trainer is always unrealiable.

Choice: Breezo Win. Day's Best.

5th Race:

Winner should emerge from:

Ensatus Elegans/Vettel/For Your Eyes Only.

Ensantus Elegans runs the right distance. Carrying top weight might make the trainer feel not worth it. A small bet each way if at longer odds. Vettel has the most sincere rider in the country riding the horse. Runs with a shoe change. Should win in all probality. For Your Eyes Only has age and handicap.

Only a place prospect:

Chandini/Enduring Speed/Sea Runner.

Any one horse can place if any betting is seen at race time.

No choice.

6th Race:

Winner should emerge from:

Speedy Amigo/Getafix/Historica/Impressive Attitude.

Speedy Amigo was a 6 length winner last time out in a good timing. Cannot be ignored whatever might be the reason eventhough there are many contenders. Again intent not known now. Getafix should consider it's last run very unfortunate. Drawn wide. Not sure if the trainer would expose the horse today. Historica will be fancied for the jockey not the horse or should I add trainer. Purely on the last count I would not put a penny. Impressiveattitude is on a hatrick. Should be there in the all important end.

Only a place prospect:

Amazer/Time Flies/Grand Success.

Nothing certain on the above three. Cannot win in all probability but you never know.

Choice: Speedy Amigo Each Way's.

7th Race: A tough race. Brillante and Sunspirit are my shorlisted two. Hope any one obliges.

8th Race: There is nothing to look ahead of Mother Ewa. Looks to be the horse all have to beat.

Choice: Mother Ewa Win.

9th Race: Demanding Format and So Fast should fight it out. I would go with Demanding Format. Distant Promise or Ice Splendour one of them should place.

Choice: Demanding Format Win covered with Shp.

Day's Best: Breezo

Double: Mother Ewa

Upset: Young Gallant

Upset Each Way: Speedy Amigo/Sunspirit

Good Luck